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Chilean High-School Students Employ Greatest Protest Method Ever

5 Aug

An inspiring headline – “Estudiantes se besaron para mejorar la educacion” (Students kissed each other to improve education).

Thousands of high-school students are once again taking to the streets of Santiago de Chile to demand free public education and an end to the private-sector  education system bequeathed to young Chilenos by the Pinochet dictatorship.

Their resolve and numbers – especially for teenagers (such a movement would be unthinkable in the United States right now) are truly impressive and speak to the character of Chile’s so-called “Democracy Generation” (commonly used to refer to the first Chilean generation in decades to come up during a time of democracy).

Their methods are also admirable:

Los Pacos (o Carabineros) of Chile have responded in full-force – detaining 874 students according to TeleSur.

Not good news for Sebastian Piñera, the first right-wing president of the country since the fall of the Pinochet dictatorship by popular referendum in 1990. His approval rating has dropped to 26 percent.