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“Splendid in its Isolation”

18 Sep
Common geographical regions of Latin America

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Today’s New York Times Travel section focuses on Latin America and there are some real gems:

  • A continent “where you can get 5 star service at 3 star prices.”
  • Quito, Ecuador – A city overlooked that is “coming into its own.” (Something tells me that the capital city isn’t either of these things to its 2+ million citizens)
  • Suriname – Splended in its isolation – paradoxically Latin American, African, Dutch and Asian – a singular place where you can feel like you’ve traveled several continents. You can score a double room at the Hotel Krasnapolsky – starting at $390. This in a country where 70% live below the poverty line. I’m also not so sure that poor Surinamese would describe their isolation as “splendid.”
… and the list goes on. Check it out and enjoy a laugh… or think about how you might do your next trip south a tad differently.

No Soy de Aqui, Ni soy de Alla: Respect for the Life and Music of Facundo Cabral

4 Aug

Facundo Cabral – whose lyrics and music invoked the struggle in Latin America for human rights as well as spirituality, love and the human condition – was ambushed and shot dead in Guatemala on July 9.

The New York Times published this obituary.

Here’s to you señor Cabral