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Former General Otto Perez Molina Faces Second Round in Guatemala Election

13 Sep

Former Guatemalan General Otto Perez Molina, the candidate that raised grave concern with Guatemalan human rights advocates for his role in the Guatemalan genocide and political violence of the 1980’s will face a second round election against Manuel Balzizon – an affluent businessman running as a populist.

As per usual, Al Jazeera has some of the best coverage:

And there’s coverage from TeleSur (with subtitles):

Some question to ponder on – where is the left in Guatemala? What does this run-off between an ex-general and an entrepreneur with populist rhetoric say about Guatemalan politics today? With the current trend of violence, can campaigns solely be run on a security and mano dura (strong hand) partly line?


Your Neighbor, the Assassin

22 Aug
An enlargeable relief map of El Salvador

A quick update on a story that I visited on this blog before –  another Salvadoran ex- army colonel accused of the 1989 murders of six Jesuit priests was found living in…wait for it…Everett, Massachusetts…

Just wrap your head around that for a second. One of your neighbors in your Boston suburb was an executor of one of the most heinous crimes against humanity in El Salvador’s collective punishment campaign against guerilla movments in the 1980’s. With the full-fledged support of the Reagan administration, I might add.

Considering how little this has hit the press (I myself am a few days late on it), who knows if a majority of the citizens of Everett, Mass. are even aware of the assassin (formerly) in their midst.

That is, according to this story in UPI  (and Boston Globe) the ex Salvadoran army colonel, Inocente Orlando Montano, has already skipped town. No word in mainstream press about this in general, let alone if Spain has put out an extradition request like the others accused who have turned themselves in to Salvadoran authorities..

Oh…Only About 10,000 More Victims of the Pinochet Dictatorship

18 Aug

A Human Rights commission in Chile has determined that there were… oh…only 10,000 more victims of the Pinochet regime than originally thought.

That brings the total number of individuals who were jailed and tortured regime to over 40,000. All of these new victims had been, according to the BBC: 

  • Detained and/or tortured for political reasons by agents of the state or people at its service
  • Victims of forced disappearances or been executed for political reasons by agents of the state or people at its service
  • Been kidnapped or been the victims of assassination attempts for political reasons.
President Piñera received the new report at La Moneda. This one has to be awkward – Thank you for this report that will contribute to Peace and Justice in Chile. And yes, I will continue to uphold the dictator’s education policy. There were more protests today – 100,000 people were reported marching in Santiago. ( The Washington Post seems to be the only major newspaper en el norte covering the story)


CNN Chile has coverage of today’s student leader Camila Vallejo Dowling dubbing today’s protest the Marcha de las Paraguas (March of the Umbrellas):



Granito Screening at NY Latino Film Festival

16 Aug

A Guatemalan court made big news last week in the world of transitional justice and human rights by sentencing four former soldiers to more than 6,000 years each in prison for their role in the 1982 Dos Erres massacre of 201 Guatemalan campesinos.

Apropos and just in time for New Yorkers – Granito – How to Nail a Dictator – a film by Pamela Yates focusing on bringing the Guatemalan Generals responsible for the 1982 massacres to justice is screening at the New York Latino Film Festival on Wednesday night.