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Former General Otto Perez Molina Faces Second Round in Guatemala Election

13 Sep

Former Guatemalan General Otto Perez Molina, the candidate that raised grave concern with Guatemalan human rights advocates for his role in the Guatemalan genocide and political violence of the 1980’s will face a second round election against Manuel Balzizon – an affluent businessman running as a populist.

As per usual, Al Jazeera has some of the best coverage:

And there’s coverage from TeleSur (with subtitles):

Some question to ponder on – where is the left in Guatemala? What does this run-off between an ex-general and an entrepreneur with populist rhetoric say about Guatemalan politics today? With the current trend of violence, can campaigns solely be run on a security and mano dura (strong hand) partly line?


Al Jazeera: Are the Chilean Miners Still Trapped?

19 Aug

“The rescue operation was excellent. But the circumstances that led to it were an assault on the worker’s lives.”

One year after the world was fed a disney fairy tale ending of the 33 miners trapped underground near Copiapó, Chile, Al Jazeera has some of the best reporting on the event to date. If you can bare Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman’s Christiane Amanpour impersonation this is definitely worth watching.