Would You See “Colombiana”?

29 Aug

The promotional poster for the new film, Colombiana just about says it all. A blockbuster, hollywood money maker that will only entrench the popular image of Colombia – one of  violence, war, cartels, cocaine and sexy assassins.

The trailer is even worse:

Contrast this hype with some of the actual reporting on Colombia – see for example BBC’s reporting this week that Colombian authorities are first beginning the work of identifying bodies in mass graves – victims of the country’s long standing civil war.

Colombians are understandably uneasy about this image problem – especially with the real reduction in violence over the past few years. I still remember the Colombian tourism ads I saw while traveling in Nicaragua – el único peligro es que te quedarás. (The only danger is that you’ll stay). 

In this light it’s worth checking out the work of Por Colombia an organization that has launched a media campaign to fight what they consider defamation by Sony Pictures. Good for them – it’s bound to be an uphill battle.

Lina Salazar at America’s Quarterly posted a solid critical review. 

See… now I’m curious. But don’t want to support this film financially. Will you see Colombiana? Why or why not?


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