Art Focus: Television Culture in Cuba

19 Aug

An NPR feature on Simone Lueck’s photos of Cuba’s television culture caught my eye. Lueck took these photos over the course of two weeks in 2000 – they focus on the role that television plays in the everyday home life of the island. She writes for NPR:

“There were some fascinating developments in the living rooms of Old Havana. Many of the sets that I saw in 2000 — 1980s Russian models and mid-century TVs from the U.S. — had been replaced with shiny new imports from China. The cheap, new TVs were surrounded by the same vintage fans, rickety ornaments and faded family photographs. It seemed the only thing that had changed was the TV itself.”

Too often we in the US are a little bit too awed by Cuba’s adaptation of older technology – its ’50s cars and Soviet appliances… What can these images say about the struggles and character of its people? The ideas of its youth? The trajectory of its politics? They

While these images fit the familiar trope, they are certainly impressive in composition. 

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